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Nature of the organization:

Children’s Film Society Bangladesh is an organization working for children on the issue of film. It was established on 17th August 2006 realizing the fact that the film, as the most powerful media of art of the present time was not being used for our children properly as a strong tool of learning and entertainment. The society was formed in a meeting by some leading educationists, writers, cultural and film society activists of the country, which was presided over by Professor Anisuzzaman, The society started its operation from 10th September 2006 by organizing a 3 day long film session at the auditorium of Goethe-Institute Bangladesh. As a part of it’s regular activities, tthe society organizes monthly screenings and sessions of children's films of different countries for its members. The society is run by a 15 members executive committee formed for two years term. At present, Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, a leading writer, educationist and social activist, is the president and Munira Morshed Munni, a leading female photojournalist, is the general secretary of the organization. Besides, the sociey has an advisory committe headed by eminent artist Mustafa Monwar. The organization has successfully organized two International Children’s Film Festivals in 2008, 2009 & 2010. The 4th festival is scheduled to be held in January 2011.

Goals & Objectives:

The main objective of CFS is to open a new world of cinema to the children of Bangladesh and to give them an exposure to the culture and tradition of different countries through film. One of the main goals of the organization is to give children a basic idea on film to create their interest on the media and to understand its role to build awareness on different social issues as well as a powerful media of learning through entertainment..

Registration detail:

Children's Film Society, Bangladesh is registered in Bangladesh Film Censor Board as a film society under the Film Societies Registration and Regulation Act 1980. The registration number is: FC-3/2007 BFCB Dated 3rd June 2007.

Monthly Film Show:

1. Screening on last Thursdays of each month at Goethe-Institut Bangladesh: Goethe-Institut Bangladesh in co-operation with Children’s Film Society, Bangladesh offers innovative film programmes for children every month. The screenings aim to represent a broad range of recently produced foreign and domestic films, including a variety of animation styles, fairy tales and classics, and films made by youngsters themselves. All film programmes are shown in the auditorium of the institute unless otherwise noted.

Screening on last Saturdays of each month at Russian Centre for Science and Culture: Russian Centre for Science and Culture Dhaka, Bangladesh in co-operation with Children’s Film Society, Bangladesh offers innovative film programmes for children every month.

Traveling Children's Film Festival:

After successful completion of the Festival, Children's Film Society Bangladesh organizes Traveling Children's Film Festival across the country, especially in all major districts in Bangladesh.
Total films from festival were screened in Dhaka, from where some outstanding selected films will be screened in three day long Traveling Festivals. The first Traveling Festival has already been held in the hill district Khagrachhari, Comilla, Shylet, Bogra, Rangamati, Chittagong from March to December, 2008.

School Program

Children’s Film Society has a plan to organize film shows in different schools of Dhaka city.

Film making

Children’s Film Society, in a long run, has also a plan to produce film for children, which can be fiction, short or documentary. Already two short films have been produced by the society during the 3rd festival title SHOHOJATRY & PUTUL BIE.



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